In music journalism, December is the month of writing Year In Review lists.

1. In December, music journalists are paied to write Year In Review lists of all the most popular songs that everybody already knows..

2.In December, music journalists are paid to write Year In Review lists of albums that dont even exist yet or maybe not are even scheduled to come out..

3. In December, music journalists are even paid to write enlightened passionate Year In Review lists about how they won't write lists because that would be like unethical or that the idea of writing a numbered list of the best albums or songs of the year is a strange behavior since music is a weird thing that doesn't exist so how do you even know what the best song of the year is anyways and really that it's a competition of whoever has the most financial backing and cohesive marketing strategy. or like. something ? But i MEAN THEY still wrote like. just 20 seperate Year In Review lists which were still pretty influenced by these factors. you could make a topYear In Review list of bandcamps lists but im glad theyre like. being socially concious about it or something idk.

Anyways I always wanted to be a journalist and all the listmaking seems fun I do like making lists so I wanted to get into the action about it. I think that I personally as a musician whos really good at music would then be good at writing journalism about music since also I listen to a lot of music so like. I thought I'd write my own list and just see how ot measures up against Industrial Grade Lists just as a test of my abilities. Ok I already talked too much so lets begin my list of the tbest art that definitely came out in this year. Should I say something about 2020? No

Anyways here's my list of stuff of 2020 the best 20 arts ever made of 2020, a list made by me Devi McCallion


Black Dresses - CREEP U

April 6 2020

If this was 90s could get to be in movies . fun of this was making the video with @_tlr_ thinking of the story, drawing maps forit to all work seamlessly and seeing it come 2life in only 2days from tlr's speed paint in the reality wizard hat


Girls Rituals - Ketchup

May 15, 2020

This song is good I got to gross ppl out and make them angry by putting ketchup on an AKAI MPK MINI which is virtually as worthless as the ketchup. theres also fake disinfo gov't ufo footage by tom delong of blink 182 but its abt the vibe, yknow.


Girls Rituals - Melty Future

May 16, 2020

I actlly made this song a year ago but forgot to ever release it on anything because I was too distracted by my life sucking but if we couldn't count all the songs I forgot about and then finished for Crap shit this list would be 2hard.


Devi McCallion & Katie Dey - Mirror

Sept 13, 2020

Definitely not 1 of the best songs from Magic Fire Brain actually it sounds almost nothing like anything on the rest of the album but it was sort of like. a very low key simple song to make a video for. we used mirrors. perfect for 17th place


Girls Rituals - Hellraiser 2

May 26, 2020

I feel like when writing a sexual song it's important to go way more like nasty and fucked up than other people can think of. I feel competitive. Bitches write a song abt throating n its like shrug. wheres the emotions? here u go instead


VCF Freq - Gagged

February 7, 2020

Is Gagged about anything like? NO cos me an @callummagnum were too gagged making it. We were gagging making this unnaturally hard one note minimal house song. only got played at like 2 illegal homosexual warehouse raves in January. still i love



April 13 2020

I really like this song honestly and not just because I got to have my own song on Peaceful As Hell without rook messing up the vibe. I think the pitchy fucked up synths was really fun to make. it sounds very unqiuye yet synbth rock


Black Dresses - 888db Cloud (100 gecs cover)

May 18 2020

Yea it's not the original but it was suppose to be actually on the remix album with like, uhh, Tommy Cash and some random emo girl but we finished our part first and I think they were like "nah". still; fun & funny


Girls Rituals - Semi Charmed Life (Third Eye Blind cover) prod. Jon Gallagher

Oct 4, 2020

My friend Jon made the beat and afaik it's the first thing he ever even made in fruity loops but I was kind of like, mildly vibing one day and recorded it but ppl love this song. who am I to question love for the meth bop of the century


Ah-Mer-Ah-Su - Carry (I Don't Wanna) (Black Dresses Remix)

Aug 21 2020

Always loved Star and I think she's one of the best out and by a very random opportunity we got to do a remix of one of her new singles. It sounds like metal gear solid and nu metal but, with her amazing singing. yayyyy



April 13 2020

it has a cool energy... to me this is one of the cooler songs about this album. i like all the weird super cutesy tinker toy piano riffs in this album theyre my fav part even tho its rook just mocking my old style of making beats


LYSANDRA & Devi McCallion - Going Thru Something Alone

May 1 2020

The most authentically gothic rock thing ever. it's simultaenusly my best sounding vocal take ever but also I was having nightmares and mashing my tongue with my teeth in my sleep so I have a massive lisp in it


Girls Rituals - Elevator Out Of The Catacombs

May 16 2020

probably the most thing ever to have legally cleared the use of FAR EAST MOVEMENTS's Like A G6 iconic chorus in a freaked out manic rant about how guys who listen to noise rock or something even tho im just as obnoxious lol


Girls Rituals - Curse

May 16 2020

if Elevator Out Of The Catacombs gets credit for being the most obnoxious on Crap shit, Curse gets credit for being the most normal song. pushed along by this lovingly filmed cottagecore video by Ada Rook it is a historic memory of something


TANKS - Success ft. Devi McCallion

May 7 2020

This song is catchy and understated and exactly what it needs to be plus it has blingees custom arranged thruout the video by @_tlr_. everyone on this track did a great job. is there other tanks songs? at least theres this 1


Backxwash - Spells ft. Devi McCallion

May 28 2020

Ashanti is my friend and I am grateful to be included in her works. Grateful this song /video could happen. Even since this CLASSIC album she evolved musically so much in only a few months. trying notto say it but i won a polaris


Devi McCallion & Katie Dey - Open Heart

Sept 13 2020

I gotta pair the two crying songs of Magic Fire Brain with Katie Dey together, that is really the apex of the entire album when everyone starts crying. a song about a hateful vengeful, lonely god, and some pathetic human praying to it...


Devi McCallion & Katie Dey - Circumstances

Sept 13 2020

Katie Dey as faulty robot, insecure in her malfunctions. can u not cry to think of a loving creator who is proud of u for the accomplisment of not being a nuclear b*mb instead? Machines r best the more useless they are, but it's hard, i know


Backxwash feat. Ada Rook and Devi McCallion - DEMONS(PRODUCED BY BACKXWASH)

Aug 4 2020

I feel like the STIGMATA EP got overlooked more than it should have in general but definitely my appearance on this track alongside some of Ashanti's most evolved vocals... I wish my voice just sounded like this all the time and I'm glad she didn't get mad at me for writing a hook about dandelion jelly... We shoulda called the song DANDELION JELLY but anyways. legends. rook was there too i think


Devi McCallion - Blue Skies prod. Ash Nerve and Riley Rossi

June 1 2020

undefeatable. Ash & Riley brought the perfect beat. I recorded the vocals in like 15 minutes without thinking. Filmed in a graveyard by Ada Rook on my birthday. album art by emamouse. stacked. the best 1

Honorable Mentions


Black Dresses - SCARED 2 DEATH / 666

Aug 24 2020

I was too hard on the black dresses songs overall because I'm mean and self centered but rook did an amazing job in filming/editing/ directing what is... the last "canon" black dresses music video. It's very lynchian but girls


Black Dresses - WORLD PEACE ft ESPer99

Dec 20 2020

This one featuring Riley/ESPer99 gets a punishment score for not actually being the last black dresses video but it exists anyways and everyone tried their best and rook edited it very beautifully and di good video and art direction even tho its a fake black dresses video we have fun haha but for real let me quit now


100 gecs - 745 sticky (Black Dresses Remix)

July 10 2020


I legitimately forgot this happened.

I like to yell really loud. I was mad